Economic Resilience Scorecard

Prepare your region to withstand all types of disasters, including natural disasters, pandemics, acts of terror, cyber attacks, and more.

A powerful resilience tool

In partnership with StateBook, The International Sustainale Resilience Center has created a user-friendly digital Economic Resilience Scorecard™ for communities and local and state governments.

The benefits of investing in Economic Resilience

The International Sustainable Resilience Center is dedicated to integrating resilience into both the built environment and natural environment. By ensuring that individuals, neighborhoods, and communities minimize risk of damage from disasters of all types, ISRC provides for a more sustainable environment.

Who can use the Economic Resilience Scorecard?

The Economic Resilience Scorecard provides businesses, investment and site location executives, as well as other job-creating investors, with an objective assessment of a community’s disaster risk and resilience.

It also enables communities to demonstrate the measures they have put in place to better prepare for, withstand and recover from adverse incidents.

The benefits of investing in Economic Resilience

The Economic Resilience Scorecard includes comprehensive self-assessment, and delivers a powerful, step-by-step resilience framework that provides the ability to benchmark, track and measure meaningful progress and tangibly increase economic resilience

A step-by-step framework to assess and improve:

  • Foundational Resilience
  • Natural Disaster Resilience
  • Pandemic Resilience
  • Resilience Against Acts of Terror
  • Cyber Resilience
  • Societal Resilience
  • Small Business Resilience
  • More…
“A custom framework for assessing and improving economic resilience in your community and across your region”

Calandra Cruickshank:
Founder/CEO StateBook International

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