Coastal Resilience

Coastal regions worldwide face unprecedented challenges due to rising sea levels caused by climate change, poor development practices, and increased frequency and intensity of natural disasters.

The need for coastal resilience has become paramount to ensure the protection of vulnerable communities and ecosystems worldwide. In the US State of Louisiana, ISRC’s home, erosion of critical wetlands has been occurring at an alarming rate, threatening both economies and ecosystems in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.
ISRC is dedicated to helping coastal nations and island states worldwide. Our team has extensive experience in evaluating coastal risks, working with coastal communities to better understand how they can combat coastal degradation, and utilizing new tools such as the Disaster Impact ToolkitTM to decide on the most effective investments in strengthening beaches and wetlands. ISRC is also partnering with the South Louisiana Economic Council and Nicholls State University to launch the Coastal Adaptation Professional Academy, a hands-on, applied-learning professional education program, taught by leading professionals in the field.
Our team has extensive experience in working with island and coastal nations on resilience projects. ISRC Senior PPP Advisor David Baxter has done extensive work in both Shri Lanka and the Maldives in implementing public private partnerships to protect their coasts from flooding. Senior Climate Finance Advisor Stewart Sarkozy-Banoczy has implemented nature-based solutions, such as repairing and strengthening coral reefs and increasing natural barriers such as Mangroves, in several Caribbean Islands, including Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, and is often a featured speaker at major events such as the World Ocean Forum.

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