PPP Consulting

ISRC offers modular and bespoke consulting support for your PPP projects.

Use our resilience services to future proof your infrastructure projects. We bring international resilience expertise and help you achieve long term sustainability for your projects.
Attracting private sector partners that understand and can implement resilience is critical to the success of your infrastructure projects. ISRC knows how to ensure that PPP candidates adopt resilience standards in infrastructure projects.
Collaborative negotiations are necessary to reach agreement for resilience standards in PPP projects. ISRC leadership has global expertise to achieve this.

Our supported projects can vary greatly in scope and may range from a few days to months to years.

Climate Finance Consulting

ISRC provides information on the economic impact, net present value, and internal rate of return on the cost that a disaster/s would have on a project/community. We show the difference in value of damage in different scenarios: no implementation of resilience measures, a moderate implementation of resilience measures; all resilience measures implemented.

Disaster Mitigation Consulting

ISRC uses scientifically valid modeling to ascertain the likelihood and intensity of future hazards for bespoke geographical areas. We advise on resilience specifications and budget requirements required to build sustainable infrastructure to effectively mitigate risks identified by ISRC’s modeling and visualization tool.

ESG Consulting

Being informed and knowledgeable about globally recognized best practices is crucial for successful completion and on-going management of companies and projects. ISRC can help establish practical ESG standards, ensure accountability by all parties. and Improve outcomes by working closely with civil society and all stakeholder groups.

Accessibility Consulting

access is a key consideration in town planning and social planning, construction and development projects to ensure that all environments are accessible to everyone. We provide specialist advice and consultancy solutions to help you achieve the required levels of access within built environments for people with any form of disability.

Custom Research

The ISRC team of experts conducts research, feasibility assessments and studies to help inform your project. We produce reports and analysis which can be critical to securing support from stakeholders and potential funders. Projects may vary greatly and custom quoted based on scope and requesting organization.

Capacity Building

Need to build knowledge and capacity within your team, group, or community? ISRC’s team of experts offer online and in-person training and development that can be customized to your individual needs. Contact us to discuss your needs, review available topics, or customize content for your organization.

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