Mission and values

The current path of adapting and coping with disasters is unsustainable.

ISRC is on a mission to change this with resilient and sustainable cost-effective approaches. We work with local communities, governments and businesses to achieve practical, cost effective and sustainable solutions to disasters.

Sustainable Resilience is the core of ISRC

Resilience is the capacity to better withstand and recover quickly from hazards of all types. Sustainability means using less resources to make something resilient. Sustainable resilience combines the two. Sustainable Resilience ensures natural or built environments are resistant to damage and destruction. It also means less resources are required to repair, maintain, and operate natural and built environments over time. Sustainable Resilience also holds true for people. If we are more resilient, we are likely to need less resources in withstanding and recovering from any adverse event.

Founded in 2017, ISRC is an International Specialist Center of Excellence.
Based in New Orleans, ISRC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in Louisiana.

Our mission is to build resilience one community at a time. We are committed to creating a more resilient world, and work with children, communities, individuals, companies, PPPs, and governments.

Learn How We Are Preparing Our Children For Natural Disasters

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