A Book Series for Kids that Teaches Disaster Resilience

The Tufts: A Disaster Survival Series

Written by Tanya Ellen
Illustrated by Shannon Brocas

" ...By empowering children with knowledge now, [they] can reap many benefits in a future real-life situation..." - Diana Coyle, Reader Views Kids

The Tufts follows the fantastical adventures of Aloe, Aura, and Thon: best friends who encounter natural disasters and learn how to stay safe and cope. This accessible, illustrated, and entertaining series can be used as a tool to open conversations in the family on what to do in a disaster.
Award Winning Series


Diana Coyle
Diana Coyle
Reader Views Kids
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It’s time to empower children with real knowledge in a fun and non-threatening way so they can be model citizens in their communities. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Tufts and feel children will fall in love with these characters too...
The Barefoot Librarian
The Barefoot LibrarianThe Barefoot Librarian for Reader Views Kids
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People around the world face natural disasters. They are scary, but if you are taught how to protect yourself and those around you, they become less frightening. So, it is a good idea to start teaching children what to do at the earliest appropriate age. The Tufts Thunderbolt is an engaging way for parents to teach children what to do in a thunderstorm. The book is quite informative, providing life-saving information while keeping children entertained.
Steven Joseph
Steven Joseph
Goodreads Author
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Great classroom lesson! For any community that has kids in a zone of danger because of its coastal location, this is an important and entertaining read. Even if you are not worried about a hurricane today, it will keep yours and the kids’ attention.
Mom's Choice Awards
Mom's Choice Awards@momschoiceaward
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We are proud to announce The Tufts as a recipient of the Mom's Choice Award as a distinguished honoree.

Why this series is a must read

The Tufts is a Disaster Survival Series for children which introduces young readers to natural disasters and offers advice on how to stay safe and cope when adverse events happen.

This accessible, illustrated, and entertaining series can be used as a tool to open conversations in the family on what to do in a disaster.

Parents, educators, therapists, and disaster resilience experts have declared that children are not coping and suffer tremendous stress and trauma after natural disasters. In this engaging and reassuring Disaster Survival Series, children will enjoy a fun, thrilling adventure story, and learn resilience and essential survival strategies along the way.

“This is the second one that I have reviewed and I enjoyed it. The illustrations make it fun to read and the story makes it not scary for younger kids. It
sends a good message about safety. I really like the summaries at the end. As an adult,I didn’t even know a couple of them.”


“They are so colourful and engaging! The story itself was exciting and well-written. I enjoyed reading the “Watcher’s Words of Wisdom” at the end of the book. It has excellent advice for both children and
adults. Overall, I think most young children would enjoy this book. I know mine did!”

Jarred W.

About the Author

Tanya Ellen, our Chief Youth and families advisor is the creator of The Tufts: A Disaster Survival Series

Tanya’s decision to focus on her storytelling skills is rooted in her desire to empower people to make the best decisions. Tanya promotes knowledge is power and that like most things, resilience and adapting to unexpected situations can be learned. You can follow Tanya on her TikTok channel: Disaster Survival Coach or Disaster Survival Coach website.

Tanya’s idea for a fictional survival guide for young readers stems from living in Australia during a time of devastating natural disasters, from floods to bush fires, cyclones, and droughts. Young people today will experience three times as many natural disasters as their grandparents faced in their lifetime, so Tanya believes it’s imperative that they’re taught how to stay safe and survive.

Tanya’s awareness that a lot of information is too scientific or scary to connect with a younger audience prompted her to write engaging, entertaining books for children. With The Tufts: A Disaster Survival Series she aims to empower young readers with the knowledge and practical skills to survive disasters, and to encourage an appreciation of our environment.

Take a peep inside the series!

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