How to build resilience to meet climate challenges

Why is this important?

The climate is changing at an ever-accelerating pace. Fires and floods are occurring simultaneously, drought is affecting both food security and trade, and unparalleled heat is causing the failure of power, water, transportation, and other vital systems. All these are against a backdrop of armed conflict resulting in an energy and potential food crisis, and lingering effects of the COVID19 pandemic. How can cities and regions better withstand these shocks, and recover more quickly? More than dollars are at stake. Without access to goods and services, without essential services, and without financial support that employment provides, human suffering increases exponentially. The International Sustainable Resilience Center can help.

Who is this for?

For communities, organisations, councils, government. Workshops are bespoke to the group that is booking.

What does the workshop cover?

Workshops are designed to build capacity through highly interactive applied learning using global best practices and practical tools to meet climate challenges. These tools use cutting-edge technology to model and visualize climate hazards and provide detailed guidance on how to better withstand hazards of all types and recover more quickly and effectively. Before the workshop, ISRC will send personalized questionnaires to all participants to identify specific issues for the workshop to focus on. The workshop itself is not a passive exercise. The end product will be a set of actions to address the most pressing needs for adapting to current and future disruptions.

At The End of the Day….

The region/province/state/organisation/business will have an actionable strategic agenda with specific tasks, and access to tools that provide unmatched information to enable informed investment decision making. Act now, before the next disaster strikes.

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