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Apply to become a Disaster Resilient Advisor

Are you keen to learn more survival skills?Are you interested in knowing what to do in a natural disaster and teaching others?
Do you like to try new things?
Great! Then maybe you’d like to join our squad.
We are looking to create our first squad of Disaster Resilient Advisors!
In our squad you will learn survival skills and play an important role in shaping our mission to teach everyone these life skills.
You will gain leadership and communication skills and be presented with a certificate by The International Resilience Centre on completion.

So what skills do I need?

What you need:

  • Passion for learning
  • Interest in the environment
  • Ability to show initiative
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to raise the profile of disaster preparation and awareness in your community
  • Must speak English

How old do I need to be?

Are you aged 8 to 18? Our squads are divided into different age groups, with the structure, learnings and activities tailored for each.

When do I need to be available?

Our squad is virtual, so you can be located anywhere. Our first squad of Advisors will commence early 2024. The squad will run for 4 weeks, with 2 one-hour sessions a week.

What happens after the Squad?

We will be choosing ambassadors from the squad to have a leadership role in the Youth Division of the International Sustainable Resilience Centre. Our Ambassadors’ are passionate about ensuring youth voice is heard and they play an integral role in shaping our mission to raise the profile of disaster preparation and awareness in our communities. We feature the experiences and perspectives of youth to help shape the direction of learning life skills that affect our future. We are committed to amplifying youth voices and ensuring that you have a seat at the table.

How do I apply?

Express your interest connecting with us here. You will need to get the green tick of approval from your parents.

Learn How We Are Preparing Our Children For Natural Disasters

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