ISRC has partnered with StateBook and WAPPP to offer a pioneering Infrastructure Resilience Scorecard

Disaster risk mitigation planning has become essential for infrastructure Public Private Partnerships to secure finance and deliver on objectives.

“With natural disasters increasing in severity and causing significant damage to both built and natural infrastructure, it is more important than ever that infrastructure is able to withstand and recover from disasters,” said David Baxter, PPP advisor to WAPPP and ISRC.

According to the World Bank, direct damage to power and transport systems from natural disasters costs about USD $18 billion annually.

“Developing a risk mitigation strategy begins with an assessment of the current level of resilience of existing and planned infrastructure,” said David Dodd, CEO of ISRC.

The Infrastructure Resilience Scorecard is a guided self-assessment tool that determines current level of resilience and provides detailed steps to increase the resilience of both built and natural infrastructure identified as being deficient.

The Scorecard consists of 50 questions and follows with a detailed analysis and recommendations.

The Scorecard which is being developed by leading data and analytics provider Statebook International, is available for purchase from September 2023 on a secure and accessible

For more information about the Infrastructure Resilience Scorecard click here.

Calandra Cruickshank
StateBookEmail: [email protected]

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