ISRC has partnered with uLand to create entertaining and accessible books for children and families to build up skills in disaster preparation, survival, and adaptation.

“Children are drawn to narrative driven content, and they love stories, so we developed a series of books for children where kids learn while being entertained,” Tanya Ellen, Founder of uLand said.

In June 2023, children in Summer camps around Louisiana, were given the books to read and the response was overwhelmingly positive from children and their teachers.

“A lot of times we don’t want to talk about or deal with natural disasters, so this is a great way to reach children. The stories are a safe way to connect with kids,” said Melissa Sagrera, an elementary school teacher at Jefferson Parish School, Louisiana.

“Today, children will experience three times as many natural disasters in their lifetime compared to their grandparents. This is problematic, considering research has consistently shown that following a disaster, kids suffer massive stress and trauma. So, we must do something,” David Dodd, CEO of The International Sustainable Resilience Center said.

The Tufts is a Disaster Survival Series for children aged 4-12 which introduces young readers to natural disasters and offers advice on how to stay safe and cope when adverse events happen. This accessible, illustrated, and entertaining series can be used as a tool to open conversations in the family on what to do in a disaster.

Take a peep inside the series!

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